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Aug 14, 2018

Best Engagement Photo Spots in California

So you’re engaged!?

Yasss babe! So… What’s next?

I bet you’re searching all over google for wedding photographers near you and thinking about where and when you’ll have your engagement photos done. So, where are the best locations with all the pretty light? 

There are so many beautifully stunning places to have your session here in California! Listed below, I’m going to share my top 6 favorite places to photograph your engagement session!

Top 6 Engagement Spots in California

1. Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park in Orange County 

This beautiful 544-acre park has so many beautiful places for your session that as we walk along we will want to stop at each place along the path. Having your love by your side, and surrounded by the simple beautiful backdrops of nature your engagement photographs will be stunning!

2. Regale Winery and Vineyards in Los Gatos

Oh, the old world charm is just oozing out of each corner of this beautiful place! If you love Italy, and old world villas…this is the location of your dreams! The vineyards, the beautiful stone walkways, the fountains, and the variety of roses and olive trees make the winery a delicious place to showcase your newly engaged selves! Seriously, you will feel like we went on a mini vacation to Italy and teleported back to California! 

3. Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco

Maybe Italy is not the place of your dreams, maybe in your dreams, you are a beautiful Roman Goddess with the one you love on your arm! (or a Roman God with your muse by your side). As we stroll the paths of the Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco and around the faux European Ruins you will feel like you are the rules of your time, like you are the rulers of your love. 

4. Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz

If you are a lover of the beach but you want a bit more…Natural Bridges not only has a beautiful beach, you can view shore birds, migrating whales, and even seals and otters playing! Don’t forget the late fall we can walk and see the immigration of the monarchs. Yes, I said butterflies and beaches…what could be more romantic? 


5. Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

Have you dreamed of having a sexy fun photography session like in an old Hollywood movie? Thousand Steps Beach is the perfect place to get your feet wet, and snuggle up with your boo…lets pop some champagne and celebrate your engagement and the beginning of your happily ever after! But be forewarned, if you’re wondering why they call it “Thousand Steps” it’s because you have to walk up and down what feels like a thousand steps to get to this gorgeous spot.



6. Your place

Tell me, where have you ever felt more like you…you are free to be just the two of you…snuggle on the couch or even the kitchen counter, if that is your jam!  I will stand back (share some prompts and direct when necessary) to just capture you two loving on each other in your space showing off your style and charm! 

Now that you know my current favorite places to photograph in California, which one is calling to you? Maybe you even have a totally different spot you’ve been eyeing that you’d want to adventure with together?

 Click here to book with me! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

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